TattsLotto winner revealed to be a Launceston grandmother

A Newstead grandmother will pack her bags for the trip of a lifetime after coming forward to collect a $2.6 million TattsLotto win.

For two days, who purchased the winning $2.6 million ticket from the Newstead Newsagency & Lotto had been a mystery.

The winning grandmother heard Tatts’ plea for ticket holders to check their entries to see if they’d unknowingly become a multi-millionaire. 

“Last night I was watching television and when the news came on they were saying somebody who had purchased a ticket at Newstead had won a division one prize, so I thought I better just check mine just for fun,” the winning grandmother said.

“I had the newspaper from yesterday and when I looked at the results I saw the numbers all matched.

“That’s when I knew I’d won something but I wanted to make sure it was real before getting too excited.

“You never know until everything’s confirmed.”

She took her ticket to the newsagent on Tuesday morning and asked if she won anything.

After discovering her luck, the grandmother planned to pack her bags for the trip she had previously only dreamed of.

“I’ve been wanting to go to Europe so I’ll go now, but I’ll be able to go a better class than I otherwise would have done,” she said. 

“That’s my only big plan at the moment, I won’t rush into anything and I’ll wait till everything dies down a bit.

“I’d say my family will probably be pretty lucky too.”

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, admitted she only gets an entry in special draws and picked up her winning 12-game QuickPick from Newstead Newsagency & Lotto.

She admits she was not a regular player.

“I go get my paper and sometimes if there’s a special draw I just say – I’ll just get a QuickPick please,” she said. 

“So it’s very lucky indeed.”

Newstead Newsagency & Lotto owner Louise Clark was delighted to see the prize claimed by a local customer.

“This is our second division one winner in just eight months, so we’ve got our fingers crossed that it’s a sign of more good things to come,” she said.

“It’s exciting news for Newstead that the prize has been won by a local and we wish her every happiness with her life-changing windfall,” Mrs Clark said.

Throughout Australia, there were eight entries that each won the first division prize of $2,625,000.00 in TattsLotto’s $21 million Superdraw on Saturday 13 May 2017.

Along with the division one winning entry in Tasmania, there was a winning group syndicate entry in Victoria, as well as one division one winning entry each sold in Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia, and three sold in New South Wales.