Prospect Vale ladies won this year’s Northern Division 1 pennant.

Lily Caelli
Lily Caelli

Prospect Vale ladies won this year’s Northern Division 1 pennant.

The team that included Tammy Hall, Diedre Panton, Julie Berne, Lily Caelli, Lindsey French, and Patsy Muir won six of eight matches from Riverside, Launceston A and Launceston B. Due a change of format by Golf Tasmania, Prospect Vale will go straight into the state final at Mowbray on June 4 against the winner of the preliminary between the Southern and North-West winners.

Riverside won Division 2 from Prospect Vale with a team including Alison Smart, Rose Searle, Carolyn Welch, Alison Henty, Pauline Pearson, Margaret Bond, Vicki Middleton and Kathy Allison and play St Helens in the Cons Pearce Final at St Helens on Thursday.

Division 3 went to Exeter by half a match from Mowbray with a team of Cindy Bowkett, Helen Streets, Tania May, Julie Donahoo, Jenny Hatton, Margaret Farquhar, Kay Hope, Alison Unwin, Wendy Cuthbertson, Sue Clark and Evon Ford. Exeter will contest the state finals at Mowbray on June 4 and 5.

The North versus North-West matches for the Elphinstone, Watterson, Conroy and Phair shields are set for June 18.

Interstate series 

Both Tasmanian men’s and women’s teams put in solid performances at the interstate series in Western Australia.

The women’s team finished sixth but had plenty of close contests with newcomer Lily Caelli, of Prospect Vale, winning her opening match against Western Australia and followed up with a half against series winner Victoria. Zahara Lemon recorded one half against South Australia and Hallie Maeburn halved her match against Western Australia.

The men found the competition equally tough and finished fifth with wins over Northern Territory and South Australia – the identical result to last year’s series.

A couple of highlights would have been in the final round against series winner Victoria with Richard Kube defeating Cameron John and Craig Hancock downing the highly-acclaimed Zac Murray at the number one position.

Wynyard and Ulverstone meet at Devonport on Sunday to decide the North-West men’s Division One pennant. They will be followed by the Ulverstone versus Smithton women’s final over 18 holes. In Division Two Smithton plays Penguin at Ulverstone and the Division Three final sees Ulverstone playing Wynyard at Devonport.