Beaconsfield Hospital gets an upgrade

A Northern Tasmanian company has won the tender to replace the roof of the Beaconsfield District Hospital. 

Skyline Roofing and Sheetmetal won the $219,132 tender. 

The work is expected to start in June and be completed by September. 

Beaconsfield District Hospital is a 22-bed facility, offering residential aged care, acute care, respite, palliative care and post-natal care. 

A number of community services, visiting services and support groups operate from the hospital, including women’s health clinics, social work and physiotherapy. 

Lyons MHA Mark Shelton said maintaining regional hospital infrastructure was a vital aspect to the current government. 

“This is an extremely important facility for the West Tamar and it is great to see a local supplier winning this tender,’’ Mr Shelton said.

Primary Health acting manager Fiona Young said a new roof would provide aesthetic appeal to an ageing building.

“The new roof means that anchor points can be installed, which will result in safer and more cost-effective maintenance of the roof and gutters,” she said. 

“The patients, residents, staff, and community welcome the initiative as they see it strengthens the important role the Beaconsfield District Health Service plays in the West Tamar community.”

West Tamar mayor Christina Holmdahl said the hospital was “terribly important” to the community.

“We have an ageing population up here and the services that the hospital provide are very important for their well-being, they don’t have the opportunity to travel to the doctors in the city the way some of us do,” she said. 

“Recently the general manager and myself had a meeting with the health minister at his instigation just to bring us up to date on the health services in the municipality.”

Cr Holmdahl said Minister Michael Ferguson had committed to maintaining a health service in the region.

“It was very useful and the Minister did commit to ongoing support of the hospital because, like us, he understands that a service in the community is terribly important for the well-being of the community,” she said.