Many mums makes for a meaningful Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, mums.

It’s your day. Go on, put your feet up, allow yourself to be pampered. 

Indulge in the (possibly poorly) cooked breakfast that will be brought to you in bed.

But don’t get too comfortable yet – you’ve still got work to do. You’ll have to fawn over the hand-made card and unidentifiable crafted gift.

Then the practised smile and “How thoughtful!” that you’ll need to peddle out when you unwrap another scented candle.

I’m taking the mickey. I’m sure mothers are grateful and touched with whatever they receive. No matter what we give them, no material item can encapsulate every little thing that they do for us (their children).

It’s not just the survival necessities of food, shelter, etc, it’s way more. It is the life skills that shape us into actual functioning and contributing adults – skills like resilience, empathy, and ambition.

On Mother’s Day, like most, I try to express a complex and gigantic ball of gratitude and respect to my mum.

But I also think about my other “mums” – those who did not birth me, but definitely imparted life skills that have shaped and supported me.

There’s the second mother, the mum of my best friend.

There’s the you’re-old-enough-to-be-my-mother-but-you’re-my-sister mother, a sibling friendship that’s full of life lessons.

And there’s the work mother, who’s a work mother to many, and without whom many of my colleagues would not be able to walk and talk (seriously).

We’ve all got these “other mums”, and while they get the thanks from their own children on Mother’s Day, it’s nice just to let them know they’ve made an impact on you, too.

So Happy Mothers Day, to all my mums, and especially Mum.