Architect Paul Ma to design luxury accommodation at Bridestowe Estate

Internationally renowned architect Paul Ma has been engaged to oversee a potential $10 million development in Nabowla.

A proposal to build a luxury hotel, boasting 50 units, on property adjoining Bridestowe Lavender Farm is well under way.

The joint venture is between the estate’s owner, Robert Ravens, and Australia Travel and Culture Group, based in Sydney.

“They came to us and they said they were investing heavily in to Tasmania and they wanted to create a high-end tourism experience for Chinese visitors,” Mr Ravens said.

The Chinese-owned company plan to have a lavender theme throughout the accommodation.

Mr Ravens said having accommodation close to the estate had always been on his agenda.

“We are continually reminded by our guests that there was no accommodation close to the farm of any quality, that is excluding Scottsdale, but most Chinese visitors regard that as too far away from our farm,” he said.  

The group agreed with the estate owners the development had to be compatible with the environment.

“It has to genuinely display a sensitivity to the beautiful assets that we’ve got. We’ve explored what they want and they’ve explored what we want and it seems to meet up very nicely,” he said.

Mr Ravens said it was the smallest project the Perth-based architect had worked on.

“He said he wanted to do a boutique eco-concept and he seemed like a natural fit,” Mr Ravens said.

The development was announced about a month ago. Mr Ravens said the only feedback he had received was from people cheering him on.

“The North-East is a wonderland really. It is just so under developed,” he said.

“There are so many attributes to display and if you can put quality accommodation in place you’ll get experience seeking visitors and they will happily pay for quality services.”

Mr Ravens said talks with the group had been occurring for about six months and talks are occurring with construction companies.

The plans haven’t been to council yet, but Mr Ravens expects the project to be finished within 18 months.