Your Say | April 22, 2017

Chemical Weapons

PRESIDENT Trump is in a good position to blast Russia and the Assad regime for its shocking use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians. 

The sarin gas attack on Idlib in Syria has killed dozens of people including up to a dozen children. 

A red line has well and truly been crossed and the sheer horror of this attack is already reverberating around the world. 

Those responsible for this outrage against humanity must be held to account by the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

Ed Sianski, West Moonah.

Liberal hypocrisy

HEALTH Minister Michael Ferguson's criticism of new Labor leader Rebecca White being invisible outside of the South is typical Liberal hypocrisy.

Mr Ferguson is a member of the Northern electorate of Bass, and he has done nothing to help any of the people in Bass or any other electorate, just the opposite, he has made unwell people feel worse because of his incompetent handling and stuff up of the health system, especially the hospitals.

Naming a successful minister in this government is an impossibility, and now Rebecca White has the Liberals rattled and in panic mode in her short time as leader.

They probably can't get much worse but what sort of a mess are the Liberals going to be in by the time the next election comes around?

Mick Leppard, Invermay.

Forest protection

HAVING just visited Tasmania's East Coast I was blown away by the area's incredible natural beauty.

Surely unrivalled by anywhere else on earth.

I have since learned that the government wants to turn back the clock and log some of these spectacular forests.

Tourism provides a great economic asset to remote communities.

It seems like economic madness to return to the dark unenlightened days of destruction.

Malcolm Fisher, Manly Vale, Sydney, NSW.