Meerkat twins born at Wings Wildlife Park

Two new arrivals at Wings Wildlife Park are turning heads this week.

Meerkat twins were born at the park five weeks ago and have just come out for sentry duty.

“They’re quite a big hit now they’re coming outside,” animal attendant Dimity Maxfield said.

“Everyone’s adoring them.”

The meerkat pups spent the first four weeks hiding in their bedroom under the heat lamp.

Now that they have emerged they spend their days cuddling up with their parents, S’bu and Nambi, and exploring their surroundings.

Wings Wildlife Park have had meerkats for three-and-a-half years and this is the second litter of pups born at the park.

The two new additions bring their meerkat clan to six.

The pups are still drinking their mother’s milk and are about the size of a small kitten.

The animals are native to the deserts on the southern tip of Africa.

To help them cope with the Tasmanian climate, the wildlife park provides heat lamps in their enclosure.

Meerkats live for 12 to 14 years and are members of the mongoose family.

They are very social animals and in the wild they live in family groups of up to 50 members.

The new twins do not have names yet, but Wing Wildlife Park Manager Gena Cantwell says they may hold a competition to name the pups.

Ms Maxfield says the thing she loves the most about meerkats is their adorable personalities which become more pronounced as they get older.

While meerkats are very cute and fluffy, Ms Maxfield says they wouldn’t make good pets because they “like to dig”.

“People just love the meerkats, they watch them play for ages.”

Wings Wildlife Park park manager Gena Cantwell

She says that a nice, sunny day would be the best opportunity to see them in action.

“They’re more active when the sun’s out, when they’re nice and warm,” Ms Maxfield said.

Ms Cantwell says their arrival has coincided perfectly with the school holidays. And it’s been 

“They have witnessed the twin pups wrestling and playing. It’s such a treat,” Ms Cantwell said. 

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