Launceston needs time to develop into TSL powerhouse

Launceston coach Sam Lonergan
Launceston coach Sam Lonergan

Launceston coach Sam Lonergan admitted last week’s big 85-point loss to cross-town rival North Launceston hurt but said the result showed the difference in progression of the two State League clubs.

 “Losing like that on your home ground always hurts but for us it was a clear indication of the program that North have been in and what it takes to reach the top,” Lonergan said.

“It is definitely a two to three year program to reach the top two or three sides in the competition.

“Our key focus has been really on what we want to achieve over the past six months of our program and what we can do and on our small key performance indicators along the way so regardless of win-loss over these next 12 months our focus is on ticking off those KPI’s.”

Lonergan said his players could have folded back in the second half of last week’s game to protect the scoreboard but that went against what he wanted to achieve at the club.

“The message at half-time was to go out there and go after the things that we want to achieve and if that’s a 150-point loss then so be it.

“Internally we know what we are doing – but externally it probably doesn’t look great.

“We want our players to go out and be brave and confident and back themselves and not go within themselves.

“We understand that it is a two-year program to reach the top and it was clear that North have been in a good program for three to four years – physically, aerobically they are a pretty handy outfit.

“So for us it was a good opportunity for our guys to see what it takes to reach the top and I reckon they were at their best last weekend.

“It’s a time thing and we just have to invest in our players and our program.

“We need to make sure our education is coming along nicely and our strength and conditioning work will progress over the next six months however we can’t rush it.

“We have to make sure we are taking our time and not miss anything along the way.”