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Silo motel and CH Smith

GOOD on Errol Stewart and co for taking on these challenges of the Silo Hotel and the CH Smith eyesore. He can build on the structure at the silos for $20 million, extra floors, pile driving, concreting, tarmac, carpeting, carparks, lighting, signage, let alone furnishings, painting and decorating, fitting out rooms etc, etc, etc. Why is it costing the council $9 million to build a two-storey carpark? Another question, I would like to ask of this council, is why the exact cost of this electronic fencing was deemed confidential? What next will they want to spend ratepayers money on? Please don’t put forward any comical ideas or foolish thought as I reckon this lot would table them but I have no doubt it would be deemed confidential and at a minimised cost.

Steve Rogers, South Launceston.

Perth bypass

I WAS dismayed to see that the state government appears to have stopped listening to local concerns regarding the Illawarra Road access, which is being cut off as part of the plans to bypass Perth. Although taking trucks out of the main street is welcomed, it appears the government is purely focused on heavy freight being moved from one end of the state to the other as quickly as possible, perhaps at this small but vibrant community’s expense. There are many long-term family-based small businesses that rely not just on local but also passing trade in order to survive. Ease of access to the town via Illawarra Road is vital for this to continue as well as to support the social connectivity of Longford and Perth.

Janet Lambert, Devon Hills.

Election letters

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