Break O'Day Council's community consultations finished last week

The community consultations for the Break O’Day Council’s 10 year Strategic plan wrapped up last week.

Mayor Mick Tucker said the feedback received was extremely good.

“The community consultation has been amazing there are some very strong themes no matter where you go or which community, they have the same type of themes,” he said. 

“What we will do now is pull all of that together and come up with a draft document. When we have a draft document that will go back for more consultation.”

Cr Tucker said he and the councillors “kept away” from the consultations and let the facilitator and the general manager run the workshops. 

“What they said was that every community has really pretty similar themes in what they want to see and what they believe in moving forward and what we need to work on,” he said. 

Cr Tucker said obviously health, education, transport, jobs and the economy were brought up as a issues, along with protecting the environment and having good development and infrastructure. 

“Everywhere you go the theme is very similar which makes it very good to be able to base your assumptions when you move forward that people support what you’re doing.” 

“It’s been so refreshing and to have the amount of input that we’re having from our community, right across Break O’Day and the amount of relevance that we are seeing affects every community.

“What’s important to you and me are the same things that are important to everyone else, which is really good to hear.”

The council also opened an online survey to make giving feedback accessible to everyone. 

“All of those things have to be pulled together so we know we have given every availability for people to have input if they couldn’t turn up,” Cr Tucker said. 

The draft plan will be made available for more community feedback and to be reviewed, before the plan is readdressed in council. The review will be two community sessions and online. The review is expected to be held in late May.

Two youth sessions will be held on April 21. One in St Helens from 10am until 12pm and St Marys from 2pm until 3.30pm.