Meander Valley Council allow sporting ground sponsors

Meander Valley Council unanimously moved a motion to allow the naming of sporting grounds last week. 

The motion will see clubs be able to name the ground after a sponsor. 

Launceston City Soccer Club and the Meander Valley Suns Football Club approached the council to seek approval.

“Both clubs approached council to see whether they would be able to provide sponsorship to an organisation and give them naming rights of the ground,” mayor Craig Perkins said.

Cr Perkins said it was a result of the increasing costs of running a sporting club. 

“The increased costs are the hire fees and the other costs associated with the ground fees such as registration. (The clubs) have to look for other sources of income, and sponsorship is one of them,” he said.

Cr Perkins believes the council will start to see ground sponsorship rights more often. 

“There is the expectation that council continue to upgrade and maintain and provide quality facilities, which comes at a cost and that obviously gets reflected onto the users at some point,” he said.

“I think when you put all that in the mix (running a club) becomes a challenge, and if a sponsor can help alleviate that, it’s a good thing.”  

Councilor Bob Richardson supported the motion but suggested clubs name their team’s to get greater exposure.

His idea would see teams get recognised not just at home, but also at away games. 

Cr Richardson said one of the issues with naming a stadium was that the sponsor didn’t establish it, or maintain it. 

“I think it is almost misleading to have [a] ground sponsor because they have no idea the cost of establishing a ground or the rates paying it,” he said. 

“To me, if there was to be a naming right it would be after an outstanding individual who has contributed to the past. I have no issue with the Sydney Cricket Ground being renamed as the Donald Bradman Oval.” 

Councillor White seconded the motion, but agreed with Cr Richardson. 

“It’s becoming a sad trend, but I seconded the motion because there is no other alternative,” she said.