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Election question

WITH THE election not far off, I would be interested to know if the politicians in office or working to enter that realm, are in favour of the Glass Steagall approach to banking? All this does is separate our private accounts (savings) from the very speculative commercial banking section. In effect this prevents banks in financial trouble from taking our money and dropping it in the black hole their gambling (speculation) has got them in and leaving us broke as well. I would vote for politicians who strongly support this protection for the hard won savings of ordinary folk. Who will stand up and be counted.

Ron Baines, Kings Meadows.

Anti-discrimination Act

COMMENTS by Rodney Croome (Letters, April 7) regarding the state government's proposal to "weaken'' the Anti-discrimination Act, are biased and unreasonable. To allow people to express their views reasonably on the basis of their religious beliefs, is not weakening the act but making it fairer. Mr Croome's suggestion that religious ministers and other religious folk will be able to use the changes to the act to offend, intimidate and incite hatred against a wide range of people, is a classic example of offensive, hateful speech, that he says will probably come about through changes to the act. There will always be individuals, on both sides of any contentious issue, who will exceed the bounds of reasonable speech, but there are no grounds whatsoever for Mr Croome to single out people of faith to be denied the right to reasonable free speech like everybody else.

Ian Macpherson, Launceston.

Election Letters

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