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Jacqui Lambie

SENATOR Jacqui Lambie needs to visit Russia and find out what life is really like under President Vladimir Putin's rule. She would not be able to use any inflammatory remarks like she does here. Although some things have improved in Russia, if she was to speak out too much, there would be an excursion to a gulag waiting for her. 

Cecil Neil Guy, Youngtown.


I'M GOBSMACKED, I have just heard that Premier Will Hodgman has so many advisers that they cost us more than $1 million dollars a year. No doubt all the others have numerous advisers also costing a fortune. If there is such a necessity for these people why on Earth do we need politicians? Evidently the latter are doing what the shadowy entities behind them tell them what to do. And some people want even more politicians. What on Earth for?

Glennis Sleurink, Launceston.

Census revelation

WITH the first data from last year’s controversial census being used to form the profile of the 'typical' Australian, it's interesting the data showing what makes the 'typical' Tasmanian. Firstly it shows they own their home outright. Secondly the 'typical' Tasmanian home has two cars in the driveway. Well I say, whatever happened to the outrageous petrol prices that  were supposed to be a curse to our state and up in arms about. The stats don't lie - there's no problem - we're  obviously a bunch of whingers, for the census also reveals Tasmania's main ancestry is from the land of the Poms.

Robert Lee, Summerhill.


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