Letters to the editor

Jim Collier, of Legana, hopes Local Government Minister Peter Gutwein will insist Launceston be included in the West Tamar and George Town Council merger proposal.
Jim Collier, of Legana, hopes Local Government Minister Peter Gutwein will insist Launceston be included in the West Tamar and George Town Council merger proposal.

Tamar Councils

UNBELIEVABLE, ludicrous and outrageous that West Tamar Council, “my council”, and George Town Council will explore merging to create a potential Tamar Valley Council without including the City of Launceston in the proposal (The Examiner, April 2).

Just plain common sense dictates that all three councils should be considered in any proposal, or feasibility study, into the establishment of a greater Tamar Valley Council. Anything other than that is futile and one can’t help being cynical and question the motive behind the decision - have the councils anything to fear from the outcome of an investigation into a three-council merger?

It is to be hoped Local Government Minister Peter Gutwein will insist that a three-council merger be included in any future study into Tamar council amalgamations. Here is at least is one frustrated West Tamar resident and ratepayer who wholeheartedly believes that such an scenario is the only way to go.

Jim Collier, Legana.

Thank you to council

CITY of Launceston is to be congratulated on completing the removal of the sycamore maple grove at the Cliff Grounds Reserve (above the Fairy Dell). This has been a staged process over many years, with replacement plantings and other works to improve the long-term amenity of the area.

We trust that the remaining seedlings will also be removed. Friends of Trevallyn Reserve is very supportive of this removal of the sycamores, as these extremely invasive trees had been spreading into surrounding reserves, where we have had to dedicate many, many volunteer hours to preventing these trees significantly altering our beloved bushland. The replacement blackwoods are an excellent choice that will grow to form a shady, atmospheric forest as well as native habitat. The planted tree ferns provide some magic for the fairies. A big thank you to council from Friends of Trevallyn Reserve.

Anna Povey, Friends of the Trevallyn Reserve.

Turnbull and Putin

WHAT a joke, Malcolm Turnbull telling Vladimir Putin what to do. Putin would take more notice of me and we have never met.

Colin Knowles, Devonport.

Rowella Hall

AS THE booking manager and committee member for the Rowella Hall, I have been trying, unsuccessfully, for many years to get heating for the hall. It is impossible to hire it out when the only heating is a handful of electric strip heaters, most which don't even work, and a couple of, very noisy, blow heaters. I have wanted host social nights, meditation classes and Pilates classes for many year but cannot do this is a freezing cold hall. I have many people inquire about the hall for hire who change their minds when they find out about the heating The council seem happy to spend money on the hall looking lovely but not on the practicalities that would actually allow it to be used.

Stephanie Taylor, Rowella.

Selling the country

HOW pitiful to see our Prime Minister in India having private talks with a mining company, not to allow the Australian public see how he intends to wipe out native title on the lands Adani craves. We have already seen farmers’ water rights secretly signed away with no redress to the issue. Basically we are seeing the Queensland state government and federal government prostituting our country to enhance a foreign investor's bottom line.

Peter M. Taylor, Midway Point.

A plea for safety

TO MAKE our roads safer, I urge all drivers to use their headlights at dawn and dusk. Just because you can see the road, doesn't mean I can see you. Parking lights aren't enough...please use your headlights and make your next trip safer for everybody.

Donna Bain, Longford.