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John Clarke

VALE, John Clarke - satirist, comedian, writer, poet and the inventor of Farnarkeling. Especially missed, will be the unique interviews with Bryan Dawe, which epitomised an aspect of weekly federal politics in a unique and deft style, that demonstrated the lucid hypocrisy and fulsome manner which, unfortunately, Australian politics has descended. Thank you John, for your invaluable contribution to Australian society.

Kenneth Gregson, Swansea.

Where is the direction

THE federal government is playing silly games with the farmers’ relief funds when it is blindingly obvious they have been through a disaster  in Queensland. While the Prime Minister was gadding about in India, he should have instructed the departments to expedite payments, but I suppose there are no photo opportunities in that for him.

Max Wells, Sorell.

Feral cats

FEDERAL Threatened Species Minister Gregory Andrews states that feral cats have been responsible for the extinction of a number of Australian birds and mammals, estimating each feral cat kills about 1000 native animals a year. Tell us something we don't know.

Let's hope the rice-sized capsule implant being trialled, that can make native animals toxic to feral cats is a success. For right now, like here in Tasmania, baiting, shooting, and trapping are simply not enough. Even a bounty on ferals would not succeed for obvious reasons - rorting.

Robert Lee, Summerhill.


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