Shooters & Fishers candidate Matthew Allen nominates for Launceston Legislative Council election

At the eleventh hour, the last candidate for the Launceston Legislative Council election has put his hand up.

Matthew Allen, a carpenter and joiner by trade, is representing the Shooters and Fishers Party.

He is vice-chairman of the Tasmanian Deer Advisory Committee.

Mr Allen stood as a Senate candidate in two federal elections.

He contrasted himself with the other five Launceston candidates, saying he was “just an everyday bloke that wants to see some changes”.

“I come from the real world,” he said.

Mr Allen intends to fight for people who “spend a lot of time in the outdoors”.

He said these people were “continually being locked out and stopped from doing what [they] love and enjoy”.

Mr Allen said he would speak for fishers, shooters, campers, trail bike riders, four-wheel drivers and small business-owners.

He said his decision to leave nominating for the election until the last minute was a conscious one.

In the Rumney electorate, Shooters and Fishers candidate Cheryl Arnol nominated.

Mr Allen said he timed his nomination to accord with Ms Arnol’s.

“It was a planned thing that we would leave mine until a bit later in the campaign,” he said.

This, Mr Allen claimed, would leave him fresh in people’s minds when they arrived at the polling booths. 

Polling day is on May 6.

Visit the Tasmanian Electoral Commission’s website for more information.