Men's Northern Pennant champs defeated

The opening round of the men’s Northern pennant was played on Sunday, and defending division 1 champions Launceston travelled to Mowbray without Mitch Van Noord.

Mowbray took advantage, winning 4-3 with Captain Heath Bailey defeating Matt Marston, James Pyke defeating Mathew Long, Mike Leedham defeating Josh Molendyk and George Waller defeating Tim Long.

Launceston had winners in Greg Longmore, Brett Churchill and Cam Bell.

Riverside also managed a 4-3 win at home against Prospect Vale. 

Andrew McCarthy defeated Chris Sayer, Isaac Pinnington secured a win over Jarryd Collis, Simon Rossiter beat Ryan Thomas and David House won against James Fiddian.

For Prospect Vale, Richard Deverell, Luke Padgett and Robbie Berne were winners.

In round 2 on Sunday, Riverside hosts Mowbray and Prospect Vale are at home to Launceston.

In division 2, Launceston won at home over George Town and Greens Beach also won at home over Prospect Vale.

In division 3, Launceston won at Kings Meadows over Mowbray and Deloraine travelled to the Country Club winning 5-2.

In division 4, Riverside defeated Launceston 7-0 while Greens Beach and Prospect Vale had home-course wins in division 5. 

In division 6, Bridport won at home over Mowbray and Launceston defeated Prospect Vale. Riverside had a 6-1 win over Deloraine in division 7 and Poatina won at home over Exeter 4-3.

There were more home course wins to Scottsdale and Mowbray in division 8.

Launceston A is undefeated in the Northern ladies’ pennant after two rounds and its 3-2 win over Prospect Vale.

Prospect Vale had winners in Tammy Hall and Lily Caelli, while Launceston’s winners were Angie Bowden, Virgina Davies and Kate Bush.

Launceston B bounced back to defeat Riverside 3-2.

In division 2, Launceston, Greens Beach, Prospect Vale and Riverside have a win each, while Mowbray has yet record a win.

In division 3, Riverside are undefeated with two wins, Exeter has 1.5 wins, Prospect Vale and Mowbray a win each while Tam O’Shanter has a half from its abandoned match against Exeter.

In the North-West men’s pennant there were division 1 wins for Wynyard and Devonport.