WE NOW have a good opportunity to both upgrade our sewerage facilities and create another source of renewable energy. Via a process called pyrolysis, human waste can be turned into a combination of methane and charcoal. The methane can be used to drive a turbine and generate electricity, while the charcoal can be used as a soil amendment. The entire process is carbon negative and will require the building of a pyrolysis plant and a small gas power station on or near the sites of sewage treatment works.

Neil Cameron, Blackstone Heights.

Civic Square

SO WE are spending millions doing up Civic Square so that it is more user friendly. Maybe the council should look around the city and spend money making it more attractive to us all by removing the weeds that are having a field day around the place.

Maybe they should walk past the Commonwealth Bank and do something about the revolting stains on the pavement and against the walls. Maybe the Brisbane Street Mall is more in need of a facelift than Civic Square.

Once our city is clean and attractive again maybe then the council is justified in giving other places a facelift.

At the moment it seems only two men have pride in our city, Errol Stewart and Joe Chromy, who are spending their money giving Launceston a much-needed boost. And thank God the decrepit CH Smith eyesore is going, no thanks to a small minority.

Glennis Sleurink, Launceston.

Political decisions

I DON’T  know if others feel the same, but the thing that disgusts me the most is that decisions are not made ("what is the best thing  for the country") but are made on "what is the best political decision".

The subject, which is being discussed, is forgotten. The important thing seems to be, what will get the stupid public to vote for them.

Politicians seems to fear that saying what they really think might cost them votes. Wouldn't that be nice for a change. 

B. Sundstrup, Newstead.