Tasmanian Labor Leader Bryan Green has resigned from the party

Bryan Green
Bryan Green

​Labor Leader Bryan Green has resigned his leadership, paving the way for generational ​growth on the opposition benches

​The sudden announcement​, which shocked his parliamentary colleagues, was made in the party room early Friday morning after 12 hours of debate on the government's forestry legislation.

It is understood a vote was held in the party room after the resignation and Rebecca White was elected to the position.

Mr Green was elected to Tasmanian Parliament in 1998 after some years heading the state branch of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union.

He later served as a senior minister in the Lennon and Bartlett Labor Governments before former Premier Bartlett's resignation in 2011.

He then served as Premier Lara Giddings deputy before he slipped into the leadership following the 2014 state election.

Earlier this month, former Labor minister David O'Byrne denied that he would be returning to the party.

Only this week, Mr Green said he was "condifent" that he would lead the Labor Party into the next state election.