Changes for Launceston's food van culture in the works by City of Launceston council | Photos

Changes to how Launceston’s food van culture operates will be discussed at Monday’s city council meeting. 

The ‘Eat Street’ location at St George’s Square on High Street has been the subject of safety concerns due to the rapid rise in popularity of food vans using the area and related dining activities by the public.

The recommendation before the council would see an interim solution put in place until September 30, while a report is prepared investigating alternative sites to locate the food vans.

The temporary plan includes a speed limit decrease to 40km/h between 4pm and 9pm, a limit of five food van sites and allocated van parking with a gap of 20 metres and no car parking between the vans.

The council would also require the five operators to each contribute $200 to cover the costs of line marking and signage works.

Burger Junkie owner Sharla Karol said the vendors were looking forward to working with the council to find a mutually beneficial solution.

“We do recognise the safety issues with the amount of people, especially in summer, … we hope that it can be kept up in the St George’s Square area because we feel it was under-utlised in the past,” she said.

“We would love to see some money spent on improving the safety, widening the road or putting in a crosswalk, whatever the council recommends.”