Your Say

Cost of Gas

DO YOU remember when Tasmanians could afford to eat crayfish? Now they get such a good price internationally, we can't afford to buy any for ourselves. The situation with gas is the same, we get such a good price exporting it, the gas companies will expect Australia to pay the same high price for gas used locally. That's that.

B Sundstrup. Newstead.


THE medical profession is expressing concern that some older community members are ending their lives by self-poisoning (The Examiner, March 13). Not at all a surprising result when that same profession appears to be strongly opposed to euthanasia. I think we need to accept that for some old people, lonely, quality of life completely gone, quite often living with severe pain and in their own assessment a burden on their families, the desire to bring their lives to an end is natural and legitimate. Legislatures have let down the terminally-ill by refusing to condone euthanasia, albeit under strict conditions.

Dick James, Launceston.

St Georges Square

IT IS wonderful that St George's Square is being used. In my opinion, it is one of the finest squares in the world, and I’ve seen a few. I fully support Kyle Barrett's ideas for its improvement (The Examiner, March 8) provided it is done tastefully. This now exciting food area, is maybe what the Coordinator-General John Perry means when he mentions “vibrancy”. It is also good that the Harry Abbott Scout Centre on the eastern side is being used much more for activities such as art classes and the church services of the Traditional Anglican Communion. Scouting is such a great cause to support. If I were to be cremated, which I’m not, I would have my ashes scattered in the Square.

Malcolm Scott, Newstead.

Westbury Irish Festival

WHAT a shame the Westbury Irish Festival changed its venue. The wonderful ambiance of the Village Green was  missing; plus the change of date, a week earlier than usual, confused many people.

Estelle Ross, Riverside.