THE results of the recent Fairfax Media survey, commissioned to discover whether in the new spirit of the 24/7 economy, the proponents and supporters of the recent Fair Work Commission's ruling to cut the pay of Sunday and public holiday workers, mainly in the hospitality and retail industries, are prepared to engage in the brave new world they so vociferously support, has proved disappointing.

Organisations such as the Institute of Public Affairs, the Council of Small Business Australia, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry plus Liberal and National Party offices were all unattended when telephoned last Sunday.

Somewhat surprising this as all have been unwavering in their call for the lowering of take-home pay for those workers who fulfil their week-end obligations.

It would seem that week-ends are after all special; well, special for them if not for us.

Dave Robinson, Newstead.

The Right Man

THE biggest problem with politicians is not being able to use four little words.

They being “we got it wrong” and all right-thinking Australians know injustice when faced with it. Like him or not they saw in Tony Abbott, a man who single-mindedly and singlehandedly raised the Liberals from the ashes only to have them turn their back on him without giving him the chance to ease into the position of prime minister less than 12 months into the job.

There has never been a single person who met or knew him  that did not agree that they found him a thoroughly decent and approachable individual, slightly flawed of course, but aren't we all?  

There can be no doubt whatsoever that those among us who recognised those traits have turned their back on this man who had to be PM at any cost, and only achieved same by doing exactly what he now accuses Mr Abbott of doing.

Mr Abbott gave Mr Turnbull a position on the front bench.

Mr Turnbull has consistently refused to reciprocate.

Step down Malcolm and allow Tony to assume his rightful hard-earned position.

Don Davey, Launceston.