Your Say

Lowering start age

THE treatment of Steve Biddulph (The Examiner, March 3) would come as no surprise to those in education and if the indignance shown by the Premier is genuine then he is naive in the extreme. The role of the department secretary in the eyes of the minister is to ensure they keep him or her off the front page and to ensure government policy is carried out. Department secretaries are bureaucrats.

You will not hear a principal speak on the topic of an earlier starting age unless it is in support of the government’s proposal, yet they, along with teachers are the most knowledgeable in this field. A debate is not what this government wants. We already know that only 14 per cent of public school staff support the earlier starting age, even though it would see an investment of an additional $20 million a year from 2017-18 into public education.

Terry Polglase, Lindisfarne.

Student abuse

WE HAVE have only one thing to say to Kaushalya Ilangkovan and her parents: we are deeply sorry that you were subjected to this vile rant by this evil pair of no-hopers. We hope you will believe us when we say not all of us here in Tasmania are as spiteful and nasty as these two excuses for humanity. We sincerely hope you have recovered from this abusive tirade and have found support from your neighbours and the university campus. We hope the rest of your stay with us will be pleasant and happy, and good luck with your studies.

Jack and Jill Johnson, Campbell Town.


I READ with great interest that more beds are being opened at our public hospitals throughout the state by Health Minister Michael Ferguson and the Liberal government. I find it inexplicable that Labor can complain when they closed the beds, like Ward 4D at the LGH. Even the AMA has congratulated the government. They say the health portfolio can be a poison chalice for some ministers, well Mr Ferguson is shaping up as one of our most competent and caring health ministers for many decades in an extremely tough job. Well done.

John O’May, Riverside.