Details required for online electoral matter

FROM today a person's full name and street address must run next to all electoral matter posted on Facebook, Twitter and blogging sites.

The Tasmanian Electoral Commission yesterday announced it would uphold section 191 of the 2004 Tasmanian Electoral Act, which requires any electoral matter to be authorised.

"An appropriate place to include authorisation on a website would be on a footer, or on a Facebook page, (or) in the box where you can write something about yourself, which appears under the photo spot in the top left-hand corner," the Electoral Commission said.

Electoral Commissioner Bruce Taylor said electoral matter included any comment about the state poll and he would take a commonsense approach to policing websites.

Greens leader Nick McKim yesterday called for a review of the state's electoral laws as soon as Parliament reconvenes but stopped short on asking that the rules be relaxed in the current election.