Council rejects Peck's pulp mill motion

Council rejects Peck's pulp mill motion

Launceston alderman Tony Peck has failed in his bid to have the city council support Gunns $3 billion Bell Bay pulp mill.

Alderman Peck brought the notice of motion at today's council meeting.

The vote was lost six-all after Mayor Albert van Zetten voted against the motion.

Those who voted for the motion were: Tony Peck, Rob Soward, Hugh McKenzie, Robin McKendrick, Jim Cox and Annette Waddle.

Those who voted against the motion were: Ted Sands, Rosemary Armitage, Danny Gibson, Jeremy Ball, Ian Norton and Albert van Zetten.

Twenty two members of the public gallery spoke on the issue before the motion was voted upon.

All but four of those spoke against the pulp mill.