draft Hillwood Structure Plan 2016 endorsed

A bid to expand the town of Hillwood is a step closer toward implementation with some works already being planned, George Town Mayor Bridget Archer says.

In its November meeting, the council endorsed the draft Hillwood Structure Plan 2016, and resolved to notify the Tasmanian Planning Commission of the confirmation.

The Hillwood Structure Plan provides a framework to cater to population growth in the increasingly urban centre, while still proposing to maintain its position as an agricultural area.

Cr Archer said that while there was no rush in undergoing developments in Hillwood, she hoped to have the plan finalised as soon as possible.

The council has also applied for approximately $150,000 for stage one of a Hillwood walking track and recreation area upgrade, as part of the state government’s interest-free loans program for the North.

“This isn’t just a plan for the immediate future, it’s a plan for the next 20 years,” Cr Archer said.

Through the Northern Economic Stimulus package, the council has also applied for $650,000 worth of recreational upgrades in George Town, including the Regent Square playground and York Cove.

Also on the agenda is the Windmill point recreation and visitor centre, with the first stage of the project already budgeted and scheduled for this financial year.

“These are all big ticket items important for economic development. It’s about creating linkages between them in a holistic way and making George Town a desirable place to invest as a whole.”

Cr Archer said that other priority projects included upgrading the George Town Sports Complex, in order to facilitate multiple uses such as tennis, archery, weightlifting and judo.

She said the Sports Complex Advisory Committee provided advice on how to make the facility more user-friendly.

Cr Archer said the council could use the existing facility, formalising adjacent roads, car parking and upgrading toilets and fencing.

She said a structure plan for Bell Bay was also being discussed.