Your Say

Mobile Phone Use

IN A half-hour period last week while travelling home on my bike, I noticed five cases of drivers using their mobile phones while driving, blatant and without regard.

May I use the Monopoly game analogy to describe these lawbreakers.

You will not pass 'Go' and you will not collect $200, for you will receive three demerit points and a $300 fine.

If this isn't a deterrent and you kill someone while using the phone when driving, be assured going directly to jail is on the cards, and not even being banker will get you out of that one.

Robert Lee, Summerhill.

Backpacker Tax

IF ANY of us were of the opinion that politicians are there to represent the interests of their constituents, then the nonsense that is the backpacker tax should disabuse even the most rusted on supporter of the political class.

Working perfectly well for many years, benefiting all players, helping to provide enough workers at high-demand periods, boosting local regional economies and helping to put fresh foods on supermarket shelves at reasonable prices, the visa allowing young people to stay and work here tax-free seemed a fine example of compromise and fairness.

Not so for Canberra as, once again, it displays an insatiable hunger for revenue at all cost, resulting in chaos, waste and despair.

Even more surprising is that the target for such avarice is, in no small part, core LNP supporters, who now find that their very support has been rewarded with orchards full of rotting produce and politicians arguing about a few measly percentage points.

Dave Robinson, Newstead.


IT IS disappointing to see Tasmania's elected representatives continuing the long tradition of vilification and destroying community harmony.

Instead of building bridges and governing for all, our politicians continue to play favourites.The end result will be a damaged divided community and a broken political system. Is this what Tasmanians want?

Gordon Bradbury, South Hobart.