Letters to the editor

Jim Collier, of Legana, said solving the issue of Launceston's sewage infrastructure falls across all levels of government.
Jim Collier, of Legana, said solving the issue of Launceston's sewage infrastructure falls across all levels of government.

Sewage Reform

TREASURER Peter Gutwein is totally wrong saying “water and sewage reform was a matter for local government”.

Property Council executive director Brian Wightman and Bass Labor MHR Ross Hart are right, as is Tasmanian Liberal senator David Bushby, when they disagree with Mr Gutwein believing, because of the enormous scale of Launceston’s sewage infrastructure problems, solving the issue falls across all levels of government and not just that of local government (The Examiner, November 26).

It is exactly because of this sort of buck passing that nothing has been done over the years regarding Launceston’s archaic sewage infrastructure resulting in the massive environmental degradation now existing in the city's waterways.

Jim Collier, Legana.

Trevallyn Robbery

I FEEL so helpless and sorry for the two young fellows that were tied up and put through the ordeal they went through. I just hope that the obviously unemployed low-life mongrel, worthless scum get their just punishment when caught.

The young chap that had his four-wheel drive stolen, I take my hat off to, (as I do both), but to work those hours and have that work ethic, is terrific, as you don't see this, or hear of it a lot.  I hope these two gutless, clowns will be brought before the Law and not just slapped over the wrist. Good on you two bakers for working for the people of Launceston as your work is obviously appreciated by many.  It will be hard, but keep your chin up fellas.

Steve Rogers, South Launceston.

Secret Ballot

DOES anybody else feel a bit worried when after an election by secret ballot, as the recent US presidential election, they announce such statistics as in 2004, 43 per cent of white males voted Republic: that in the last election, 68 per cent of white males voted Republican. How could this be? If a secret ballot is secret, and votes do not register details of the voter?

B.Sundstrup, Newstead.


MOODY’S was right when they claimed that it will be difficult to repair the budget with a "splintered Senate". The Senate has been a house of deliberate obstruction if not controlled by the government. This applies regardless of the parties involved. The major opposition party in the Senate mostly votes against sensitive bills from the lower house. The cross bench members need to keep their faces in the media for exposure to get re-elected therefore they also usually vote against such bills.

If on the other hand the same party controls both house,s the Senate becomes a rubber stamp. The ideal would be to have a completely independent Senate. NZ dispensed with their upper house in 1950 which means that the government elected can actually govern. No doubt this, together with the higher GST of 15 per cent is the main reason that they now have an unemployment rate of just 5.3 per cent and are ahead of Australia on most indicators. If the lower house abuse their power we get rid of them next election.

Graeme Barwick, Riverside.

Gold Passes

PRIME Minister Turnbull, one piece of legislation would get rid of the “Gold Pass“ forever, which you say you just haven’t got the time to fix. That one thing you promised in the last election you would fix this time around looms as your ticket out. What part of that perk do you find so hard to do  to keep your promise on Mr Turnbull? The government is penny pinching on so many things these days that are hurting the public when here is one thing that if thrown out will save millions. The clock is ticking Prime Minister get your crew into gear or is that small task just too hard to get done.

David Parker, West Launceston.