WHERE does Don Davey get his facts about Donald Trump supporters: unwashed, redneck majority – really, or unemployed steel workers, car production line workers or just plain had a gutful of the same rhetoric dished out by the silver spoons. Mr Davey should be more worried about the over-educated, anti-everything loud-mouthed minorities in Tasmania.

Rodney Brill, Bicheno.

Creative Healing

JENNA Johnson is to be congratulated on her wonderful  first children's book "The Ballad of the Selkie". She has turned her situation around into a positive, and is indeed living proof that "Creativity is a Means of Health Promotion".

Anne Young, Greens Beach.


IT’S A sad day when one of the worst weeds afflicting Northern Tasmania is displayed and captioned as; "Wildflowers on the roadside at Kayena". It is the South African invader of our bushland, watsonia (The Sunday Examiner, November 20) "People and Places").

What other invaders will soon be described as native flora and fauna? The euphorbia that has engulfed our coastlines? The rice grass that has covered our estuarine shorelines? The Pacific oysters that cover our inter-tidal zones? The boneseed that dominates the dunes behind Lagoon Beach? Fallow deer will be next, perhaps? We are overrun with invading species, but please don't label them as wildflowers or native fauna.

Christine Price, George Town.

New Holden

Angela Merkel copped tons of flack for Germany’s  immigration policies, but what better way to obtain cheap labor. As the latest news has the almost defunct “Opel motor company ” almost extinct during the financial crisis as being revived, and is to be the source of  Australia’s new “Holden”.  Germany’s industrial might  is to be admired, whilst Australia’s sinks deeper into the mire. One hopes the product will be infinitely better than previous unsuccessful product from this company.

Don Davey, Launceston.