If Tasmania wants to keep its clean, green image, the attitude and mindset of litterbugs must change, says one reader.
If Tasmania wants to keep its clean, green image, the attitude and mindset of litterbugs must change, says one reader.


IT SEEMS litterbugs are turning to more craftier methods to dispose of their rubbish, as they get lazier and more “allergic” to waste bins.

The “disposal by stealth” method has come into vogue.

I witnessed a driver, who was last in line at the traffic lights, open the door and place fast food rubbish under the car and then drive off.

On another recent occasion a person pretended to adjust their shoelaces but instead left the coffee cup there instead.

There is no excuse for this, and if Tasmania wants to keep its clean, green image, this attitude and mindset must change. Do the right thing (and not to mention the former was driving a BMW).

Robert Lee, Summerhill.

Same-sex Marriage

MICHELLE Wisbey (The Examiner, November 9) saying late on Monday, the controversial same-sex marriage plebiscite was rejected in the Senate.

Tasmanian Liberal Senator Eric Abetz on that said “given this issue is now effectively off the agenda for the foreseeable future, the government will continue to focus its energies on passing other key election commitments”.

In the transcript Rosie Batty joins 7.30 to discuss the summit on family violence. She was asked by Hayden Cooper, presenter (October 28).

Now, Malcolm Turnbull and his predecessor, Tony Abbott, did elevate this issue to one of great importance in government and it was a very early priority of Mr Turnbull. Do you feel that he has lived up to the promise Ms Batty asked.

Acknowledging “I think there are obviously other challenges that take priority, but you know, I think what rally was disturbing to me is how readily the issue of the plebiscite was put on the agenda and $180 million found for that type of initiative.

The former Australian of the Year and anti-violence advocate concluded in saying “And when you’re talking of the struggles to find any funding for legal systemic reform, I find that incredulous very confronting”.

Prime Minister, you would surely know of these concerns of Ms Batty. Do something about them, provide the extra funding required, use some of the money set aside for the plebiscite.

Syd Edwards, Launceston.

Speed Limits

INTERESTING to read about the proposed changes to speed limits on various streets in Launceston. Fifty kilometres on Invermay  Road? Struggling to reach that any given day between 8am and 6pm Westbury Road shopping complex, Kings Meadows shopping zone?

George Town Road? All snail paced traffic. Maybe if the traffic snarls were freed up there would be lesser accidents. The traffic lights at Seaport and Lindsay Street have a mind of their own, while the Newstead lights are so slow to change you almost have time to go into the bakery and purchase a pie.

Graeme Jacobson, Waverley.

Super Trawler

PERHAPS the hated super trawler is gone for good, we can only hope, but what is staggering is the hypocrisy of Liberal state ministers now coming out and bagging it.

Where were these ghostly voices when the overwhelming public concern was being aired? Or is only because the Richard Colbeck who was ruthlessly driving the project is now longer about?

Peter Taylor, Midway Point.

Health Advice

IF LOCAL doctor Gary Fettke can be hauled over the coals for giving unqualified health advice why then shouldn’t Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce for his stand and advice on sugar intake. What qualifications health wise has he got to give advice on our health?

David Parker, West Launceston.