Launceston Alderman Janie Finlay’s conduct charge dropped

The Local Government Code of Conduct Panel has dismissed a complaint made against Launceston Alderman Janie Finlay.

A complaint was submitted by Lionel Morrell to the general manager Robert Dobrzynski on July 27, alleging Ald Finlay breached the Launceston City Council’s Code of Conduct on two occasions.

Mr Morrell alleged that at meetings in May and June which related to the the Cataract Gorge Advisory Committee, Ald Finlay “violated his dignity” and created an environment that was “threatening, intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating and offensive.”

The panel determination said that Ald Finlay denied Mr Morrell’s accusations.

“The Panel could be satisfied that Ald Finlay raised her voice, asked Mr Morell to resign and terminated the two meetings … [but] the evidence does not indicate that the former was so unreasonable in the fraught circumstances of either meeting,” the determination said.