Your Say | November 27

Marriage Equality

ADVOCATES of marriage equality can make a credible case because they can produce evidence, based on overseas experience, that same-sex marriages do not threaten the fabric of society, nor are these unions detrimental to children in any way.

Those who oppose same-sex marriage on the grounds that it is against God’s will must first, for this argument to have any credibility, produce evidence that God exists.

W.J. Greer, Beauty Point.

Fox Fraud

A GOVERNMENT department was able to prove that a fox carcass found near Launceston last month was a hoax (The Examiner, November 19).

So was the $50 million spent on looking for one.

A.R. Trounson, Needles.


I AGREE with the views of Tony Gray.

I find the cartoons by Pope provocative, one eyed and not very funny.

They should be a light-hearted dig at the system and the people in it, not a vehicle for propoganda.

As for the one on November 19 I think that many people would find it crude and offensive, not the sort of thing that should be published in a daily newspaper.

Malcolm McCulloch, Pipers River.

Media Bias

AFTER watching various and diverse alternative media for 15 years, it was easy to see that Trump was a good show of winning the US election but for months our media in lockstep with the corporate US narrative lied. 

How can every media outlet get it so wrong, every poll and every commentator in the world got it wrong or just read from the same song book. 

Now they feign shock. 

Should we now believe any news, commentary and analysis from these fake news reporters and their corporate puppet masters?

David Brimble, Scottsdale.