Jacqui Lambie moves AFP motion

Jacqui Lambie
Jacqui Lambie

Tasmanian independent Senator Jacqui Lambie has moved a motion to address Australian Federal Police funding and staffing. 

In the senate on Thursday Senator Lambie highlighted the AFP’s budgetary concerns.

Senator Lambie said the AFP had warned that the 2015-16 Budget Papers indicated the AFP’s fiscal position through the forward estimates would deteriorate to the tune of $112 million.

She called for the government to identify which operational outcomes would no longer be required on the premise the AFP would not be able to deliver business as usual into the future given the current environment.

Senator Lambie urged Liberal Stirling MHR Michael Keenan to reveal which jobs would be cut to save money. 

She said employee benefits were set to be reduced by $61 million, which would equate to a reduction of 450 staff.