How brave are you??

Are you one of those people who simply cannot bring yourself to ask for help?

Whether its directions when you are lost or perhaps a niggling health issue that you would rather wait to disappear than go to the doctor.

Well I married such a person.

I don’t really understand this way of thinking as I have no qualms asking anyone for help with anything.  

But I wonder what it would be like if I had to ask someone for help for bigger things than just directions? 

What if I had to ask someone to help me put food on the table this Christmas? Or maybe to help me provide presents to go under the tree come the 25th?  

Would I be so forthright and unselfconscious if I had to ask for money to pay the rent because I had spent all my cash trying to make a Christmas wish come true for my kids?

Thousands of parents will, this Christmas, find themselves in a position where unless they ask for help, their families will not share in the joy the festive season is meant to bring.

Incredibly one in two working Australians live from pay to pay. They have no savings and no safety net to catch them if things go wrong.

And when you live that way, what happens when you lose your job or when a relationship breaks down? 

One week you are paying your rent, buying groceries, putting petrol in your car and the next that money does not go into your bank account on a Thursday afternoon and you have nowhere to turn and no backup plan.

So many Australians are only weeks away from homelessness and everything must go to plan to stay afloat.

Yes, there are those out there who will struggle this Christmas because of poor choices they may have made. 

And judge if you dare because only those of us who have NEVER made a poor choice in our lives have any right to do so.

And then there are those who are just victims of a situation they didn’t see coming or are struggling to escape from.

But regardless of how they got to a charity organisation, there they are. 

I have so much admiration for the mums and dads, grandparents, or individuals who are brave enough to realise they can’t do it alone in 2016 and ask for help.

For those who do not find themselves in this situation this Christmas, we must make sure the shelves of the Salvo’s, St Vinnies or any other charity are packed full of goodies and gifts, so that every Tasmanian child can happily rip the bright wrapping paper off a present come Christmas morning and then have that wonderful full tummy feeling come Christmas afternoon.

Southern Cross newsreader Jo Palmer takes a look at life in a world full of change and challenges.

Southern Cross newsreader Jo Palmer takes a look at life in a world full of change and challenges.