Launceston, West Launceston residents drinking more than anywhere else in Tasmania

More Launceston drinkers are consuming alcohol to a risky level than anywhere else in the state, according to population health area data.

Almost 29 per cent of Launceston and West Launceston residents aged 15 years old and older were found to be drinking to a degree which posed a risk to their health. 

However, the rate of risky drinking dropped significantly in surrounding suburbs including Kings Meadows and Invermay.

Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Council of Tasmania chief executive Debra Rabe said the spike was likely influenced by population, age demographics and access to alcohol.

Ms Rabe said 18 to 24 year olds were most likely to drink at risky levels. 

More than 17 per cent of people aged 15 and older living in the Launceston local government area were considered to be drinking at a risky level, reflecting the statewide statistic.

A Tasmanian Health Service spokesperson said the State Alcohol and Drug Services operated a range of specialist services across the state. 

The figures come from the Australia’s Health Tracker by Area 2016 interactive resource, developed by the Australian Health Policy Collaboration at Victoria University with the Public Health Information and Development Unit at Torrens University.

The resource also featured other risk factor estimates. 

Tasmanians were found to have the highest blood pressure in Australia.  

More than 27 per cent of Launceston LGA adults were obese, the resource showed.