Salvos share 'shocking' statistics ahead of holiday season

The Salvation Army has put the call out for donations ahead of Christmas.

The Salvation Army has put the call out for donations ahead of Christmas.

The Salvation Army is urging Tasmanians to dig deep this Christmas with new research revealing 8.4 million people across the country struggle financially during the holiday season.

Roy Morgan research released this week showed 2.4 million people were worried about how they would pay for Christmas and another 611,000 said they would need to sell things to fund the day.

It also revealed half a million children under the age of 10 were unlikely to receive presents. 

“When we have people telling us that they're having to sell things just to scrape up enough money for Christmas, and others saying that some children in their household will not even get one present this Christmas - that’s heartbreaking,” Salvation Army Major Major Paul Hateley said.

The Salvation Army expects to help 70,000 families nationally at Christmas and about 4500 families in Tasmania.

“Sadly, for many of our clients, Christmas is a very isolating time. Many of our clients struggle to fund life’s basics and live off less than $17 a day according to research we did earlier this year.”

The Examiner’s Empty Stocking Appeal collects funds which are donated directly to the Salvation Army to assist with their work during the Christmas period. 

Funds are also donated to St Vincent de Paul, Launceston’s City Mission and the Launceston Benevolent Society.

Last year the appeal raised $57,000.

Donations can be made at The Examiner’s office at 113 Cimitiere Street, Launceston, or through donation tins at local businesses.