Your Say


RECENTLY during the US election, many states voted to legalise the use of medicinal cannabis, many of them including for recreational purposes. I have the plant comfrey in my garden. This was a plant long used for medicinal purposes, however in recent years it has been found that in large quantities can cause toxicity in the liver. We don't ban people from growing comfrey. Why do we ban people from growing their own cannabis? Are we worried about them getting high? So many other moral questions, where the state needs to butt out. Euthanasia, let the people make their own choices. Marriage equality.

It is time that we here in Australia started growing up, and taking responsibility for our own lives. If there is no victim there is no crime. Enjoy the fruits, that coming advances in technology will bring. It really is time that we take the first steps to end poverty in this country forever.

Barry Todd, St Marys.

Forest plebiscite

IT CONCERNS me that the state government is looking at opening up great tracts of our forests for commercial timber use. This is a very important matter and one that will affect future Tasmanians and should not be decided on by our Parliament. Clearly such matters should be put to the public for a public vote in the form of a plebiscite.

David Broughton, Legana.

Vote of thanks

FOR some time now I've thought the City of Launceston aldermen should pass a vote of thanks to our CBD banks. The car parking fines paid by those motorists who have spent long periods waiting on tellers to cope with the queue must swell the city coffers noticeably. One also wonders at the increasing move by supermarkets to do away with checkout operators. With unemployment a permanent and growing part of our economy the efforts made by the wealthy CEOs of these institutions to increase it, together with those who export our Australian jobs to Asia, merit a political response.

Mike Adams, Swan Bay.