Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture welcomes new Tasmanian Agricultural Education Framework

The Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture has welcomed a move by the government to introduce more agricultural education into schools. 

Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff announced a new Tasmanian Agricultural Education Framework, Grow, Make, Protect, this week.

The program is set to provide students from kindergarten to year 12 with a greater understanding of the agriculture sector, primary industries, and regional jobs. 

Nationally, there are about four agricultural jobs for every graduate. 

TIA School of Land and Food deputy head Alistair Gracie said he was pleased to see the new framework. 

“Getting young people involved in agriculture is a healthy thing to do to ensure that it’s sustainable to the future, whether that’s financial or environmental,” he said. 

“I’m pleased to see that there are going to be courses that have that agricultural flavour.

“Often people just associate it with farming, but we need to capture that bigger picture about how science and technology underpins and falls within agriculture.” 

Some schools have already shown interested the program, including Scottsdale and Ulverstone high schools. 

The new framework is part of the Primary School to Primary Industries initiative, which aims to promote careers in primary industries.

The Departments of Education and Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, Hagley Farm Primary School, the Tasmanian Agricultural Productivity Group and the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association have come together for the projects.