Animal Liberation Tasmania protesters arrested

Two people were arrested and charged during a protest by Animal Liberation Tasmania on Wednesday morning.

Tasmania Police said 20 to 30 protesters stationed themselves on the walkway of the Tasman Bridge. 

As a result of the protests, the left bound lane of the Tasman Bridge was closed, causing traffic delays. 

A 22-year-old man from Howrah and a 29-year-old woman from Rosny were charged with trespassing and creating a common nuisance under the criminal code. 

Tasmania Police said the protesters allegedly climbed onto the Tasman Bridge gantry and hooked themselves onto the bridge about 8am. 

Following negotiations with police, the protesters voluntarily removed themselves from the bridge. 

The pair will be bailed to appear at the Hobart Magistrates Court at a later date. 

Acting Inspector Philippa Burk said police appreciate people have the democratic right to protest but actions such as those which occurred on Monday morning would not be tolerated. 

“Peak hour traffic was thrown into chaos, the safety of the two protesters on the gantry of the bridge was a risk and the actions of the protesters could have resulted in a traffic crash on the bridge.”