Your Say


I OBJECT strongly to The Examiner publishing letters in Letters to the Editor from politicians in their formal capacities. They have more than enough platforms to publicise their views. I am sure most readers are sick and tired of listening to politicians having a rant about how good their party and policies are and how bad the other side is. Letters to the Editor is one of the few mechanisms available to ordinary readers and voters to express their views publicly on a whole range of matters (including politics), and it should be restricted to this only. If the politicians wish to say something, they can avail themselves of the media in many formats, which are only too eager to trivialise any missteps by politicians rather than focusing on the matters that really affect the lives of Tasmanians.

Howard Kaplan, Riverside.

Marriage Act

HOW sad that two of the most precious gifts a society can have, love and marriage, are causing such division in our country. There are those who strongly oppose the Marriage Act being changed to include same-sex relationships, those who couldn't care less either way, and those who believe that same-sex couples should have the right to have their relationships legally recognised as a marriage. Suggestions that same-sex couples should be prepared to have their relationship legally recognised in an institution other than marriage have gone down like a lead balloon with marriage equality proponents. So where can we find a compromise to put this issue to rest once and for all? Why can't we have two separate Marriage Acts. Leave the current Marriage Act as it is and introduce a Gay Marriage Act with all the appropriate legal entitlements and responsibilities.

Ian Macpherson, Newstead.


QUIET, listen everyone hear that silence? Actually it’s pretty deafening, all those homes in two states with no power and noise from an ideologically confused Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull trying to pinpoint blame on someone that will fit the Right agenda.

Peter M. Taylor, Midway Point.