Letters to the editor

Roadworks are also occurring on the Midland Highway between Perth and Breadalbane.
Roadworks are also occurring on the Midland Highway between Perth and Breadalbane.

Midland Highway

CAN someone please explain to drivers using the Midland Highway why there is an 80 kilometres per hour sign posted at both ends of the overtaking lanes just south of Epping Forest?

I have encountered this temporary sign on separate occasions since August.

I took particular notice last weekend but could not see any signs of work or damage along the estimated 1.5 kilometres of road.

I, for one, would be interested to know.

Phil Stevenson, Riverside.


I WRITE in regards to the claims the state government has made with wanting to reset the relationship it has with the Aboriginal community of Tasmania.

I personally find it deeply offensive and troubling that a government would offer a handshake with the left while holding a proverbial knife in the right.

For example, we are at present in court with the Liberal government over its proposed openings of tracks that allow, whether deliberate or not, drivers to drive straight over our heritage sites; sites that we value as a community.

The legislation to recognise Aboriginal people is a joke. The community doesn’t want it and has been extremely vocal about this token gesture.

We know we exist and the rest of the world knows too.

Mr Hodgman and Ms Ogilvie, what is your agenda? Mr Hodgman has already ignored the majority of the Aboriginal community and took it upon himself to only acknowledge the views of a small minority of people simply because they are willing to bend to his will.

Ms Ogilvie appears to be doing the same thing.

If you are so eager to fix the relationship with the Aboriginal community of Tasmania, you might take the time to find out what is still ongoing?

Might you acknowledge the fulfillment of land hand-backs or lack thereof, education of our children and of others in regards to our own history and also the over representation of our people in the criminal justice system?

I will add that Rodney Dillon does not and has never spoken for me or my family.

Listen to us if you wish to amend anything and please stop trying to silence our voices.

Thomas Riley, New Town.

NDIS Travel Subsidy

IT’S VERY important that those living with a disability maintain their travel independence, and the pre-NDIS government taxi subsidy was doing just that.

The concern now is those that those who join up to the National Disability Insurance Scheme will lose that subsidy and the shortfall may not be covered adequately by the scheme, leaving individuals and families out of pocket.

Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding has stated he is working with the NDIS agency through the transition period on this issue. Let's be clear on this, it's paramount those individuals that chose to travel by taxi or other means are not left with a hefty bill, after all, this is in part what the NDIS is all about.        

Robert Lee, Summerhill.

Human Equality

BRUCE Ingrey writes that he is totally fed up with not being equal (The Examiner, October 13), but, like so many others, fails to explain in what instance he is not treated as equal.   

All I hear is an argument that they cannot get married as my wife and I did and our parents did before us.

If they are arguing that a gay woman is the same as my father and me, or a gay man is the same as my wife and my mother, then I am greatly offended by such belief.

Marriage by people is a union between a man and a woman whether the gay lobby like it or not and may it remain so.

Bill Chugg, Campbell Town.