Letters to the editor

H. Howard, of Cressy, says there needs to be more effort to eliminate unsightly weeds.
H. Howard, of Cressy, says there needs to be more effort to eliminate unsightly weeds.

Median Strips

I AGREE with Geraldine Biggelaar (The Examiner, September 20) regarding the road verges, median strips and footpaths which are infested with weeds.

The main culprit is the dreaded capeweed which has bright yellow flowers in Spring. This weed should be sprayed in May/April by responsible councils. When it is cut it spreads the seeds. This weed eventually suffocates the grass. If you travel within Cressy, Longford and the Launceston suburbs there is the same problem. Check out Talbot Road, Invermay and West Tamar Highway to name a few. We are supposed to appeal to tourists. There needs to be a concerted effort by everyone to eliminate unsightly weeds, grass, dead trees and rubbish from the environment. Besides the people in machines who mow there could be a dedicated workforce at ground level. Some of the budget should be used in maintaining the natural surroundings and enhancing our streets and roadways.

H. Howard, Cressy.

Star Bar Incident

I AM providing the following statement in reference to the very unfortunate incident that occurred at the Star Bar on Saturday, September 10, 2016. I would like to start with a sincere apology to the two young ladies I named and to everybody that read my initial response on the night of the incident on Facebook. I was away with my family on the night of the incident. I responded with emotion and frustration to a barrage of very hurtful comments made towards my staff, business and myself with no actual facts. I am extremely remorseful and very sorry for how I responded.

I have been working with the wildlife management team, helping them with their inquiries. I would have liked to have come out with a response earlier, but with the advice given to me and with no facts of the incident yet this was not appropriate to do so. I am 100 per cent behind looking for an answer to what happened and for some closure for everyone involved and our customers. The wildlife management team have conducted interviews with staff and patrons that where present on the night, and they said that there is no sign of any malicious act to the duck. With my hand on my heart I can honestly say that the wildlife management and I don’t know what actually happened on that day.

No staff member has resigned or has been fired over the incident. I have been the licensee of the Star Bar for almost 10 years and for everyone that knows me understands that I am a very passionate person and I am very proud that I have employed hundreds of staff over the time and have always run a reputable restaurant/bar and late night venue. I would like to thank everyone that has contacted me offering their support, from businesses to family, friends and our valued customers. Thank you. It truly meant a lot to my family and myself in this very difficult time of our life.

Finally I would like to notify the general public, that the Star Bar Facebook page has been taken down, and has been down for some time, we are in contact with Facebook with an official complaint as some sick individuals are passing off as the Star Bar with a fake page and posting inappropriate content that in no way reflects the Management of the Star Bar in Launceston. I truly hope my statement can bring some closure to this sad incident.

Mick Acquarola, Star Bar Café and Hotel owner/proprietor.

Nick Kyrgios

SO NICK Kyrgios didn't want to be there in the latest antics show. He didn't care whether the fans went or not. He apparently served like a child. Maybe he should be treated as one and banned from the 'grown up' courts until he grows up. Another idea would be if the fans didn't roll up to his next circus or that the other players said they would compete against everyone except the petulant Kyrgios.

Glennis Sleurink, Launceston.