Road safety push after three riders killed

Police are urging riders to take care on Tasmanian roads after three fatal crashes in two days.

A North-West teenager, a 48-year-old Bridgewater man and a 59-year-old Victorian man were killed after three separate motorcycle crashes across the state.

Central West Division Senior Sergeant Debbie Williams said the tragic deaths were a timely reminder for motorcyclists and other drivers.

“With improving weather comes an increase in the number of motorcyclists enjoying the state’s roads,” Senior Sergeant Williams said.

“Other drivers [should] be alert for motorcyclists and remember that they can assist to reduce the risk to riders by ensuring they are paying attention to their surroundings, driving to the conditions and in a safe manner. 

“All motorcyclists should aim to be a ‘low risk’ rider that has good observation, speed management, road positioning, decision making and hazard perception skills.”

Senior Sergeant Williams said riders should wear highly visible gear, keep a safe distance from other vehicles and ride to conditions.

Motorcycle safety will also be highlighted by the Tasmanian government through a 10-year safety strategy to be launched in December.

The ‘Towards Zero Tasmanian Road Safety Strategy’ will look at additional training for motorcyclists and greater awareness for riders visiting the state, according to chairman Jim Cox.

“It’s been a horror weekend and if you look at the crashes that have occurred across the state over the past six to 12 months, many could have been avoided,” he said.

Mr Cox said the council aimed to spread a statewide safety message directed at all road users.

“My plea is not only to riders and motorists but to passengers. If you are in a vehicle and you are not comfortable then speak up,” Mr Cox said.

“The road is a shared facility and we all have a responsibility not just to ourselves but to everyone else on the road.”

As part of its ongoing safety strategy, the Road Safety Advisory Council is looking into awareness campaigns for the Spirit of Tasmania to target visiting riders.

“Interstate motorcyclists are over-represented in our statistics,” Mr Cox said.

“And the only way you’re going to visit Tasmania with a motorbike is by coming on the spirit, so this is another way we will push to get the message out there.”

Police investigations are continuing into the crashes and reports are being prepared for the Coroner.