Debunking the myth of the Donald Trump voter

I met a Donald Trump voter in the flesh.

I wasn’t sure they existed – much like the unicorn, I thought they were naught but a mythical creature.

Alas, here I was, face to face with the elusive Trump supporter.

They look a lot like you would imagine: slightly pigeon-footed, ruddy-nosed, and a beer belly that enters the room two minutes before they do.

This one was the Cleveland, Ohio, breed. I’m not sure if the physical assets differ from region to region.

Much like their leader, the supporters are a fan of slogans (drink every time you hear “make America great again” and finish your glass for “Obamacare ruined the country”).

The novelty wore off after several rounds of the aforementioned game, interspersed with a couple of “I would never vote for Hilary, and not just because she’s a woman” comments.

It was when we got to the conversation about the media’s interpretation of the US presidential race that things took a turn for the interesting.

The statement “the media twists everything Trump says” was accompanied by a finger-cross in my direction.

“He’s just un-PC so they jump on everything he says,” Cleveland voter said.

It’s the media’s fault that Trump has been painted as a misogynist. It’s got nothing to do with him denying allegations of sexually harassing a businesswoman by saying the alleged victim was unattractive and “would not be my first choice”.

His comments about immigrating Mexicans being drug users, criminals, and rapists were, by his own words, “deliberately distorted by the media”.

But, once again, from his own mouth: “You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass”.

Trump voters really do exist in a fantasy land.