Same-sex wedding directory a space for love, support

Launceston-raised Alexander Borst is working to “erase the line” between same-sex and opposite-sex weddings.

Mr Borst, who now lives in Melbourne, this year launched Mr Theodore, an online wedding directory that details suppliers who support same-sex marriage.

He said he has always had a fascination and passion for weddings – “Everyone who knows me knows that I love weddings” – but the catalyst for Mr Theodore came from his personal life.

“It really got started because my partner (Nicholas) and I got engaged and we’re getting married in November,” Mr Borst said.

“We were waiting until it became legal but it’s taking too long so we thought we’d just go ahead with it, which is what so many same-sex couples are doing at the moment.”

While Mr Theodore also acts a listing for wedding suppliers, Mr Borst designed it to take the unique stress out of wedding planning that some same-sex couples can encounter.

“There are so many horrible stories (about encountering discrimination in wedding planning) and I have my own as well,” he said.

“It’s stressful enough as it is, no one deserves to encounter discrimination during their wedding planning.

“Couples can feel safe in dealing with supporters who they know support their wedding.

“We want to show that a wedding is just a wedding, no matter who it is between.”

Mr Borst stressed that the directory was not just for same-sex couples.

He said opposite-sex couples who supported the same-sex marriage movement often wanted to make sure their values were being supported by their chosen wedding suppliers.

The directory began with Victorian suppliers, but in its short lifespan has expanded to include listings from across the country.

Mr Borst said when he began to explore including other states, his sights were set first on his home state of Tasmania.

“There are some great suppliers in Tasmania that have really gotten on board with the movement,” Mr Borst said.

He said he had received so much supportive from his friends and family-in-law around the launch of Mr Theodore.

“I always loved weddings, it’s always been My Thing,” he said.

“I’ve taken a few different career paths (but) weddings are my passion.

“It’s been a big part of my life. From growing up and being gay for as long as I remember and not having that support from my own family, so this issue is a big deal to me.

“I want to show couples that they can go through the wedding process with support.”

Mr Theodore is online at