Your Say

Lake Levels

SOME facts, according to my calculations that is, about lake levels and energy. In order to start and end the financial year on the same lake levels in an average rainfall year, we have to find an extra 100MW per month of energy from gas or Basslink, but please not diesel. In a drought year like 2015-2016 (no Basslink) with a monthly input of 350MW of gas in the summer, the lakes will fall to 15 per cent and be at 19 per cent at year-end from a 30 per cent level in July and/or November.

The plan looks very good. So the 30 per cent target will be broken if there is a repeat Basslink fail drought, but will this mean the “Hydro” Executives go for their profit bonus by running the lakes down (the level bonus being out of their control) or are their bonuses contingent on first keeping the 30 per cent level target in all cases, the “and” condition? It will be interesting to see how these bonuses work and influence behaviour. It would require a monthly input of 850MW across the drought summer to keep the lakes at 30 per cent, that is about the same production level as 350MW gas plus a 500MW second cable. Some very interesting cost analyses to be done here I suggest.

M. Fyfe, Riverside.

Same-sex Marriage

I AM getting tired of being told that I as a voter should have a vote in this matter. I do not remember being asked my opinion when the Howard Government changed the marriage act. So why waste taxpayer money on this issue when  some members of the government openly stated that they will not support marriage equality. The politicians should stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes, we do remember.

Ella Miller, Exeter.


I AM writing to complain about Windows 10. It is a real pain.  I wished to print out a document for my mate but Windows 10 decided I needed an update. My complaint is it takes forever. I have heard that lots of people have the same problem. I feel like taking my laptop outside and smashing it. Most annoying. But thank goodness my tablet still works.

Cecil Neil Guy, Youngtown.