Senator Polley

PLEASE Senator, stop calling Tasmania my state. It is also my state and many thousands of others. Stop saying,"I speak for my state of Tasmania", because you don't. I heard you speak on the previous member for Bass Andrew Nikolic. I was firstly disgusted, but not  surprised, that you attacked him in that way.

It will be testament to Ross Hart if he makes the cut next election. Mr Nikolic has done more for this nation that you have and are ever likely to. What a shame Mr Nikolic wasn't there to challenge you on state issues as I believe you would have lost. Your party seems to have had a educator or tutor in over the last three years,because your party now seems to know how to fix the problems R-GR- ( that's Rudd-Gillard-Rudd) left behind. Please Senator Polley, don't mentor Ross Hart.

Steve Rogers, South Launceston.

Aboriginal People

DI SPOTSWOOD (October 10) sums it up beautifully. Can the Premier please explain how his apparent agenda to reset the Aboriginal relationship is not scuttled by this continued irrational insistence on privileging a few four-wheel drivers over 40,000 years of cultural history?

There is ample evidence of petrol driven destruction for the sake of a few moments of "fun". This seems to be accorded more value, despite the irreparable damage done, than the wealth of cultural history that remains unique to this place on this planet. One would expect a sense of partnership and humility, not wanton destruction of such significant cultural heritage, if we are to walk a respectful future together. The Premier will need to abandon this grotesque contradiction if he and his government are to be taken seriously.

Stewart Millar, Launceston.

Launceston Show Day

LAUNCESTON Show Day, madness, While the North of the state declares a public holiday, it’s business as usual in the South. Effectively my disability pension is paid into my bank account, there’s not a chemist open in Deloraine to fill my medical scripts. While people queue up to ride the whizzer, my day is a fizzer.

A.R. Trounson, Needles.