LIVE TONIGHT: Daniel Geale -v- Renold Quinlan

Next up: the pro debut of Latrobe’s Luke Woods against Rex Regalado (Philippines) at welterweight.

All over, Woods way too good, ref stops fight in third.

Geale v Quinlan up next.

Referee stopped fight in Round 6 of middleweight bout between Steven Maxwell (Goodwood Tasmania) and Tommy Browne (NSW) deciding Maxwell was taking too much punishment. Browne the winner. 

Next up: Uria Afamasaga (Hobart) v Jai Opetaia (NSW) – Cruiserweight 

Referee stops the fight in R2 after Hobart's Uria Afamasaga takes a pounding from Jai Opetaia of NSW.

Joe Rea (red gloves) vs Wade Ryan (black gloves) during 74 kg catch weight. Picture: Phillip Biggs

Joe Rea (red gloves) vs Wade Ryan (black gloves) during 74 kg catch weight. Picture: Phillip Biggs

Professionals are underway with Joe Rea (Northern Ireland) v Wade Ryan (NSW) at 74kg catchweight.

Brutal scrap with the Irishman Rea spilling a fair bit of blood from the schnozzer.

Judges verdict is unanimous in favour of Ryan.

Amateur bouts wrap up with Launceston’s Tyler Blizzard (TAS – Latrobe Boxing Club) beating Bradley Collins (NSW – Grange Boxing Club) at 52kg by unanimous decision.

Confident performance by the 18-year-old Tasmanian.

North-West derby between Penguin’s Toby Herring (TAS – O’Callaghan’s Boxing Gym) and Damien MacKrell (TAS – Latrobe Boxing Club) at 64kg produces unanimous decision in favour of Mackrell. 

Bout 4 sees Pam Mcclelland (NSW – Grange Boxing Club) win a unanimous decision over Georgie Bailey (TAS – Kingston Boxing Club) at 64kg.

Great mutual respect shown by all the fighters tonight.

Crowd really starting to fill out at the Silverdome.

Three really committed bouts so far involving six gutsy young individuals.

Bout 3 is a mainland affair between Charles Joma (VIC – Wonhaggi Boxing Club) and Travis Druce (NSW – Grange Boxing Club) at 69kg. 

Joma wins by unanimous decision.

All-Tasmanian bout between Ulverstone’s Erika Creely (O’Callaghan’s Boxing Gym) and Madison Holland (Latrobe Boxing Club) at 60kg is a split decision win for Creely in the red corner.

Successful start for the home state in the first fight at the Silverdome as Brody Penney (Kingston Boxing Club) wins a split points decision over Max Reeve (VIC – East Coast Boxing Club) at 65kg. 

Tasmanian Daniel Geale  will take to the ring around 10.15pm tonight to take on Renold Quinlan for the vacant IBO world super middleweight title.

Geale – 31 wins 4 losses – will be looking to win back a world crown against 27-year-old Quinlan – 10 wins 1 loss.

Provisional schedule:

Amateur bouts ​

1 – Brody Penney (TAS – Kingston Boxing Club) v Max Reeve (VIC – East Coast Boxing Club) – 65kg 

2 – Erika Creely (TAS – O’Callaghan’s Boxing Gym) v Madison Holland (TAS – Latrobe Boxing Club) – 60kg

3 – Charles Joma (VIC – Wonhaggi Boxing Club)  v Travis Druce (NSW – Grange Boxing Club) – 69kg 

4 – Georgie Bailey (TAS – Kingston Boxing Club) v Pam Mcclelland (NSW – Grange Boxing Club) – 64kg

5 – Toby Herring (TAS – O’Callaghan’s Boxing Gym) v Damien MacKrell (TAS – Latrobe Boxing Club) – 64kg 

6 – Tyler Blizzard (TAS – Latrobe Boxing Club) v Bradley Collins (NSW – Grange Boxing Club) – 52kg 


7 – Joe Rea (Northern Ireland) v Wade Ryan (NSW) – 74kg Catchweight

8 – Steven Maxwell (Goodwood Tasmania) v Tommy Browne (NSW) – Middleweight 

9 –  Uria Afamasaga (Hobart) v Jai Opetaia (NSW) – Cruiserweight 

10 –  Rex Regalado (Phillipines) v Luke Woods  (Latrobe) – Welterweight

11 – Daniel Geale (Launceston) v Renold Quinlan (Sydney) IBO Super middleweight world title