Your Say


PREMIER Will Hodgman tabling a bill for the constitutional recognition of Aboriginal people is an absolute waste of time and opportunity.   Previous governments have already recognised Aboriginal people as being the traditional owners of the land.  Scientific evidence has demonstrated that Aboriginal people have been in Tasmania for at least 40,000 years.   

The opportunity has been presented to do something real and meaningful for Aborigines, such as to negotiate a treaty, yet the state government has gone with constitutional recognition – which does absolutely nothing for Aborigines. It’s a useless act by government to make it appear that they are doing something for Aboriginal people.  

The Hodgman government’s real intentions toward Aboriginal people are evident in their insistence on opening up four-wheel drive tracks that will severely impact ancient Aboriginal heritage on the West Coast and by watering down Aboriginality policies.

Adam Thompson, Launceston.

Roadside rubbish

WHO else has noticed the ever increasing amount of roadside litter? Who else has noticed Tasmania does not offer a refund on empty plastic or glass containers? Who else has noticed the astonishing amount of roadkill? While the state government spends millions of dollars promoting Tassie as a tourist destination, the natural beauty of the isle and its wildlife are being trashed.

A.R. Trounson, Needles.

Same-sex Marriage

LABOR and the Greens have consistently insisted that the vast majority of Australians are in favor of same sex marriage. I personally, being in favour of the yes vote, believe that the opposite is true in the case of the majority of my fellow Australians. I believe that Labor and the Greens also share this view and do not agree with the plebiscite in the knowledge that ingrained religious beliefs will not allow the majority of Australians to  favour the issue,  resulting in a no vote and leaving them with egg on their faces. Damned if we do, and damned if we don’t.                 

Don Davey, Launceston.