Eclectica is on display at Gallery Pejean

The powerful colour transitions of flowers and plants throughout the four seasons has been used to inspire a vibrant body of work on display at Gallery Pejean. 

Artist Susan Doust presents her first solo exhibition Eclectica

“It’s a great feeling to have created a large body of work that I am proud of, and have it displayed in such a beautiful space,” she said. 

Doust spent majority of her working life as a scientist, but in 2009 she began focusing on her painting more consistently, leading her to display pieces of work at Ashmore, Richmond. 

“Science definitely improves your observation skills and enables you to see things from different perspectives,” she said.

“I’ve been working on Eclectica since late January this year but I have three-year-old twins, Edward and Olivia, so the time I have had to concentrate on painting has been pretty much limited to two-days a week.”

Eclectica showcases a beautiful pallet of colour, creating a life-like feeling among the still-life subjects. 

“My work does not necessarily conform to a strict definition of what ‘still life’ art is, and I don’t necessarily want it to,” Doust said. 

“My paintings are simply an expression of life in different forms.”

Eclectica ​will be on display at Gallery Pejean until November 5.